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Started in January 2014, the Colorado Bloggers Network (CBN) is available to fellow Colorado bloggers take substantial steps towards blogging success.

Colorado Bloggers Network is your go to source for connecting and building your blogging network. Through these connections made at CBN, CO bloggers will be able to grow their blogs faster and, potentially, see their monetization options increase. We hope we can share skills we have learned to improve our websites and in turn, other Colorado bloggers can share their tips to succeed at blogging.

CBN is not built to make the owners of the site make money off of it. It’s kind a like a local community center. Tons of resources available to the Colorado blogging community that will make everyone’s lives better and more successful.

If you are a Colorado blogger and interested in joining CBN at -ZERO- cost, click here to contact us.

David Damron, Co-founder of the Colorado Bloggers Network


CBN is run by David and Ali Damron who resides in the Denver metro area and have a little guy named Aiden. They run multiple websites from their personal domains to to They have lived in Colorado since the fall of 2012 and are looking to explore more of their home state and see other bloggers succeed so they can too.



 (Photo via Alicia Wendland Photography, a fellow Coloradan)