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David Damron

David-Damron-MainDavid Damron

Founder –,, &

Skills – Web Design, WordPress, CSS, Email Marketing, Photoshop, Website Management

Twitter – @DavidDamron


Since 2009, I’ve been honing my online skills to the point where I can now build and manage a website/small business with ease. Yes, it’s all a lot of work, but I love doing it. I take on many projects and look forward to create something from nothing.

There is always a solution to any problem and my goal is to help generate those answers. Through my work at Become a Beast, I am able to help others become fit and healthy through proper nutrition and workouts. Through, I manage my work on other projects as well as blog what comes to mind. Through my multiple ventures, I’m able to keep my interest for what’s new alive rather than stale working on one sole project.

Feel free to contact me through my Twitter handle mentioned above or through the Colorado Bloggers Network contact page.